If your question isn’t answered here, please come to a monthly meeting or contact Mahogany Services via email listed on the CONTACT US page or call 561-750-3771. We look forward to talking with you!
What is the policy pertaining to abandoned vehicles?
Once an abandoned vehicle has been identified as such (not the property of a “snow bird”), every attempt is made to contact the owner. The police are asked to run a check on the license plate. If there are no legal concerns a warning sticker is affixed to the vehicle. After a period of time determined by the board, the vehicle is impounded at the owner’s expense.
I have another home and want to rent out my DOW unit. Are there any City or Association issues/requirements I should know about?
Yes there are. Delray Beach requires a landlord permit, Mahogany Services requires you to complete an application form (see Documents page on website), and your proposed tenant must first go through a brief interview with a board member. Contact Mahogany Services for further information.
My dumpster is always full. How often is trash collected?
Twice per week. If you find your dumpster full to overflowing please deposit your trash in the closest available dumpster.
What about bulk pick-up (furniture, mattress, washing machine)? What do I do?
Bulk pick-ups occur on Saturdays but bulk pick-ups must be scheduled ahead of time. Call Mahogany Services. Never place bulk items in front of the dumpster. Never lean an item such as a mattress against the side of a dumpster. Allow for clearance. Any obstruction means the dumpster will not be emptied that day and your neighbors will be unhappy.
I want to reserve the clubhouse for an event I am hosting. How do I go about doing this?
The clubhouse can be reserved for a small fee. Contact Mahogany Services for details. While the clubhouse can be reserved, the swimming pool cannot. You may use it during your activity, but not exclusively.
Is the Association responsible for my fence?
Yes – for repairs only. Power washing, painting and waterproofing are the responsibility of the unit owner.
My dryer vent needs to be cleaned. What do I do?Mahogany Services has a contract with a vent cleaning service. Call Mahogany Services. You will be able to schedule an appointment at your convenience. The Association pays for your vent cleaning. It makes good sense to have your dryer vent cleaned whenever your dryer begins to perform poorly.
Help, my roof is leaking.
Contact Mahogany Services during regular business hours.
What about emergency situations such as plumbing or electrical?
Please see the EMERGENCY PROCEDURES page in our DOCUMENTS section. Many homeowners have a satellite dish but I’ve heard that they’re not allowed.Current generation satellite dishes may be mounted within your patio area including the balcony railing (Big DOW quads). At no time will any device of any sort be attached or mounted to the roof or outside of your building (common area). Finally, the home owner is responsible for any damage, including damage due to installation and mounting, caused by the satellite dish and all dish-related materials. Store your dish prior to severe weather.
It is after 11:00 PM and my neighbor is being unreasonably loud. What should I do?
Generally an unreasonable noise complaint is a Delray Beach police matter. Call them. They will respond and, without involving you, ask your neighbors to cease their disturbance. If the problem persists, the police will take further measures.
When I use the tennis courts at night should I turn on both switches for the Lights?
No, just one. Also, for your convenience the tennis court light switches are now on a timer.
Can I plant outside of my unit?
Yes. Owners may wish to consider adding their own plants to the immediate area outside their unit and are encouraged to do so. You first need to download the landscape application found in the DOCUMENTS section of this website. The Association provides and maintains basic landscaping for every building and is not responsible for your plantings.
My neighbor pays more/less than I do in monthly assessments. How come?
Big DOW and Little DOW are assessed differently based on the number of residential buildings comprising each, as well as floor plan/square footage.
How may I contact individual board members?
You may communicate with board members by contacting Mahogany Services via telephone or email. Your communication will be forwarded to the association president. The personal phone numbers and email addresses of board members are generally not available.
Can I meet with the president and members of the board?
You may schedule a meeting with the president by calling Mahogany Services. Critical or contentious issues should be submitted to the board via registered letter.
There are some maintenance issues in need of attention right away.
You have three options: Call Mahogany Services. Send an email to Mahogany Services (see Contact Us). Go to the Clubhouse and fill out a work order form. Whichever you may choose, your issue will receive immediate attention. Note: a casual mention in passing of a maintenance problem to maintenance personnel or a board member you happen to encounter does not guarantee an immediate response.
I have seen a broken sprinkler head and water gushing wastefully.
Our irrigation system is inspected regularly. If you see a problem, please call or email Mahogany Services. Please give the location of the problem as precisely as possible. If possible, please mark the location in some way; an orange flag would be ideal. It will be appreciated.