Community-wide Painting

NOTICE On Monday, March 28th, community-wide painting of our buildings is scheduled to begin. You will be notified in advance when it is time to move personal items from catwalks and patios.  In some instances, it will be necessary to park your vehicle elsewhere.  You will be notified of this as well.   This is a weather-dependent project.   Thank you for your cooperation.…Read more »

Delray Oaks West Annual Meeting Results

Dear Delray Oaks Homeowners: Thank you to all that participated in the Annual Meeting last night.  We are pleased to announce the Board of Directors for 2022-2023                  Charlotte Dilks                    President                  Doug Harris                         Vice President                  Lisa Wexler                          Treasurer                  Todd Kennedy                    Secretary                  Brian Fried                           Director We look forward to working with the board…Read more »