Backflow schedule-water shut off March + April

Dear Delray Oaks West Homeowners and Renters:

The installation of the backflows will begin shortly.  Please see the building schedule below.

Please note that the water will be turned off for 4-8 hours during the days the work is being done at your building.

2905 S.W. 22nd Cir- Monday 27th,
2909 S.W. 22nd Cir- Tuesday 28th,
2911 S.W. 22nd Cir- Wednesday 29th,
2913 S.W. 22nd Cir- Thursday 30th,
2917 S.w 22nd Cir- Friday 31st,
2925 S.W. 22nd Cir- Monday 3rd,
2929 S.W. 22nd Cir- Tuesday 4th,
2931 S.W. 22nd Cir- Wednesday 5th,
2933 S.W. 22nd Cir- Thursday 6th,
2945 S.W. 22nd Cir- Friday 7th,
2953 S.W. 22nd Cir- Monday 10th,
2956 S.W. 22nd Cir- Tuesday 11th.

We are still waiting for the inspector for (9) before we can install, (14) still need permits, and (2) we will confirm the trees have been removed.

We will continue to keep you updated on this project.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


Lauren Heller – LCAM

21 S.E. 5th Street, Suite 200

Boca Raton, FL 33432

(561) 997-6453