Reminder: Feb. 6, 6:00, Annual Meeting for Board Election via Zoom

This is the Second Notice of the Annual Meeting for Purpose of DOW Board Election.

Attention OWNERS: If you have not received the Second Notice and your ballot for the 2023 election, please contact Mahogany Services at the number listed below.

This meeting is for the purpose of filling the (FIVE) 5 vacancies of the Board of Directors and terms that have expired and such other business as may lawfully be conducted. The election of the Board of Directors is very important to the well being of the community and requires certification that those elected are knowledgeable of the Association documents and policies. Your participation is welcomed and encouraged by your Board of Directors.

The Zoom link is available on the Owner’s Protected Page:


  1. Call to Order
  2. Proof of Notice
  3. Roll call
  4. Acceptance of minutes from previous Annual Meeting
  5. Election Procedures
  6. President’s Report
  7. Treasurer’s Report
  8. Q & A
  9. Election Results
  10. Adjournment
  11. Annual Meeting followed by Organizational Meeting with New Board Members
  12. Adjournment

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