Iguana Population

As most of you are aware, the iguana population is out of control.  These non-native lizards pose a serious threat not just to our community but to all South Florida.  In Delray Oaks West there is extensive erosion along the canal embankments partly a result of their high population.  And the feces, most noticeable around the pool deck area, present a serious health issue resulting in the possible closure and draining of the pool by order of the County until such time as the threat can be minimized.          

Deterrents to date have proven short term, ineffective, or impractical.  

The Association has hired a vendor licensed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to humanely remove as much of the population as possible per their guidelines.  A State approved low-powered modified firearm along with special ammunition specific for this work are used.         

Your Board of Directors acknowledges that some of you will view this as an unacceptable solution.  Please appreciate that this is an extremely serious epidemic throughout South Florida, one that carries with it, among other things, tremendous financial consequences.  We cannot ignore this.  Measures must be taken.  

We ask that you please do not attempt to interfere or otherwise engage with the vendor during this lawful and necessary work.  Concerns should be directed to Mahogany Services.  Thank you.

 Your Board of Directors